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  • How does it work?

    Find out about the tools Bazando provides for you to enjoy online shopping & discounts


    The frequently asked questions by Bazandos.. and more importantly… the answers!

    My account

    Learn about the information you can find in your account overview.

  • Purchases & payment

    How to follow up on your purchases at Bazando partner shops and even better… how to get your cash!

    Being a Bazando ambassador

    Discover how you can earn cash bonuses by inviting your friends and for every purchase they make.

    My Bazando email

    Find out why a Bazando uses their Bazando email address when buying at partner shops.

  • Cashback

    All about cashback

    Want to understand the concept of cashback rebates?. This is where you will learn more about it.

    3 steps to get cashback

    Make sure you get what you earn. Learn the 3 simple steps of cashback.

    Browser settings

    Learn how to optimise your browser settings to always receive your cashback

  • Interactive

    Bazabar, your shopping assistant

    How to take advantage of exclusive Bazando discounts directly, without having to pass by the Bazando website.

    Bazando App

    How to enjoy Bazando from the bus, train or whilst walking down the street.

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