How it works

“The Bazando tools to always get the very best price on everything on the web.”

  • Bazando Shops

    The best quality at the lowest possible price

    Bazando is currently present in 10 countries. This means that more than 7500 shops work with us. As a Bazando, you can therefore take advantage of discount codes, deals, offers and sales. There are several ways to find your favourite merchants on Bazando. This page will tell you how.

  • Cashback

    Bazandos' exclusive discount

    What if you could take advantage of discounts at your favorite shops all year long and even combine them with any other promotional discounts, voucher codes or sales offered by your favourite shops? With Bazando's "cashback" this becomes an everyday reality. To find out exactly how cashback works and how you can benefit from this special discount, you can have a look here.

  • Vouchers

    Our team searches every day

    Thanks to our countless partnerships with online shops and the daily efforts of our international "Discount investigation teams," we are able to keep you up to date about the special voucher codes that provide you with extra discounts, free delivery and many other promotional advantages. Here is a clear and simple overview of how to find vouchers on Bazando.

  • Deals and Offers

    All the time

    A voucher is a smart typical Bazando way to save some money or take advantage of other promotions. However, our Bazando team knows that there is still much more out there to take advantage of… so we gather deals non-stop and promote them on the website so you can find out about everything in ONE place, To find out how to find deals and offers on Bazando, have a look here.

  • Event Sales

    Even better online

    Every year we are able to enjoy periods of sales promotions that allow us to buy things we always would have liked to have but never really had the wallet to buy them. A few minor (and for some of us MAJOR) disadvantages though: unbearably long lines, pushing and shoving, piles of clothes without your size in it… On Bazando we present you with the online special event sales: clear, in stock and simply sent to your door. To know where to find the sales on Bazando you can have a look on this page.

  • Flash Sales

    We all know that the greatest things never tend to last very long. Same thing is true for huge sales and discounts. Believe us, we know. A pity you say? Not if you get to find new top sales every day. These flash sales will often blow you away but don't be dazzled for too long and take advantage. Because remember, the early Bazando catches the big worm! To find out where to discover flash sales and how simple it is, have a look here.