1 big shopping community, 10 big commitments

  • 1) Offer you more shopping and less spending

    It sounds contradictory but we make this paradox happen every day. As a Bazando, you don't need to worry about paying too much. We will bring you the very best deals on everything so you can enjoy your shopping to the fullest.

  • 2) Offer you top quality merchants

    The Bazando partner shops don't just stand for the quality of their products and services, they also stand for integrity. We shop at our partner shops too! If we don't like a shop we simply don't partner up with it.

  • 3) Bring the richest shopping experience possible.

    The founders of Bazando were enthusiastic online consumers but they weren't completely satisfied with the shopping process. Special offers only came along randomly. They wanted a platform that assured no fuzz and hot deals on their favorite merchants, all the time. So they created it. The range of shopping tools keeps growing. Cashback, coupons, flash sales, private sales, the Bazando toolbar… and truly much more to come!

  • 4) Offer you a worldwide shopping community

    Bazando has an international team of shopping enthusiasts. We have over 7500 partner shops in 9 countries and we are driven to keep expanding so you can shop everywhere around the globe from your comfortable chair. We encourage you to become part of our community by following our blogs, our social media pages and by inviting you to check out your blogs and pages. The larger our community becomes, the more power we have to attract top offers.

  • 5) Credit your earnings as fast as we can

    Not only do we help you save money… we help you earn money as well with Bazando cashback discounts and bonuses, thanks to the commissions we get from partner shops. As soon as we receive our commission, your account is credited!

  • 6) Pay the money that belongs to you. Period.

    As soon as your Bazando account reaches the needed amount of personal cashback, you can request to receive your cashback plus any bonuses you earned. We receive your request. We thank you for your trust. We pay.

  • 7) Listen to you.

    If there is one thing we have learned during the growth of our platform, it's the fact that a service like Bazando thrives on what we learn from our users. The development of our service is always based on your opinion. To name a few examples: offering deals on special event sales, private sales and the recent creation of a Bazando toolbar.

  • 8) Answer you.

    It's one thing to listen but we also want you to know that we will always respond to any question you might have about our service or about your account. You are not talking to a website. You are talking to a motivated team of genuine people.

  • 9) Protect your privacy.

    Bazandos are part of an exciting and continuously growing smart shopping community. This does not mean however that anyone needs to know what you are buying unless you want to. NO personal information from you will be shared by Bazando.

  • 10) Respect everybody

    We want to continue to succeed. We want people to be happy to be a Bazando and create the perfect harmony between consumers and providers. We want to continue to be the intermediate that makes a richer shopping experience possible for everybody. We will always treat you and our partners with all due respect.